dianawallach_lowresSo I had the pleasure of interviewing Diana Rodriguez Wallach about her new book, ADIOS TO ALL THE DRAMA!

Mariana Ruiz thought she left her summer fling in Puerto Rico, that is until she finds Alex sitting across from her at the breakfast table. Living two doors down from her visiting old flame isn’t easy, especially given the unresolved sparks still lingering for her locker buddy Bobby—and they don’t exactly go unnoticed.

Her best friends are little help as Madison deals with her IM-only “boyfriend” and Emily sinks into secret mode after her parents’ recent breakup. The only relationship that seems to be working is her estranged aunt Teresa who’s tying the knot on New Years with Mariana and her cousin Lilly as bridesmaids. But the last wedding detail left unplanned is who will Mariana kiss at midnight?

Strained friendships, stolen kisses, and secret loves create plenty of surprises to unfold before the New Year’s bells start ringing…

As you all know, I’m obsessed with glamor and celebrity, so I asked Diana to weigh in on what, exactly, she considers glamorous and why.  So without further ado, here’s Diana!

What (or who) do you consider to be glamorous and why?

Charlize Theron is my glamor icon. To me, she’s the epitome of insane beauty and great taste. Have you ever seen her look bad? They have to add prosthetics to her face to make her unattractive. And when they do, she wins Oscars for the triumph. That’s saying something.

If you weren’t a writer, what other career would you like to attempt?

I’d like to be a spy. Like a jumping from buildings, dismantling the bomb, chasing the bad guy spy—with killer disguises. I don’t know how someone starts out on this career path, but I’d guess you have to start training at a pretty early age if you’re gonna speak 20 languages, kick box large men, and assemble a freaky secret identity wardrobe. Just call me Jane Bond.

What is the one article of clothing in your closet that you can’t bear to part with?

My Citizens of Humanity Jeans. I even pack them in my carry-on bag on plane trips so just in case my luggage gets lost, they’re still with me.

Who is your fav celebrity?

I don’ t think I have one favorite celebrity. I love Madonna because of our long history together—yes, I wore the jelly bracelets. I love Will Smith, because he’s from Philly. I love Julia Roberts because she classy. I love TomKat because they make for interesting gossip. The list goes on and on.

If you could put together a “dream cast” of the big screen version of your book, who would play the leads?

Usually I say Miley Cyrus so that the film will make a bazillion dollars in its opening weekend.
But in all seriousness, this would be hard to cast. Mariana does not look like the stereotypical Latina. But I think for politically correct reasons, I’d have to cast a Latina in the role. So I would need a Cameron Diaz type, only younger and with red hair. Same goes for Lilly. I recently got a few interesting suggestiadios1ons, like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, both of whom I think would be awesome.

As for Alex, there’s a guy who used to play “Diego” on General Hosptial, Ignacio Serricchio, who would fit; or maybe Jesse Metcalfe (the gardener from Desperate Housewives). Ashley Tisdale would be the perfect Madison, and my father would LOVE it if Hector Elizondo played Mariana’s dad or uncle.

Britney:  Comeback or train wreck?

Oh, Brit Brit, I’m pulling for you. I think this could be her comeback. At the very least it’s a sign that she’s hired a smart team of publicists who know how to resuscitate her image. It’s a start.

What is your fav glam or exotic location to visit? (Mine’s Paris!)

The most exotic location I ever visited was Bora Bora. It’s absolutely beautiful, and just visiting the location feels glamorous. However, if you’re speaking purely of fashionista glamour, I would say that Rome takes the cake. That entire city is paved with cobblestones and the Italian woman walk around in stilettos like they’re wearing Nikes. They deserve a Lifetime Achievement Award from the fashion industry.

Which character in your work do you most relate to and why?

Clearly Mariana and I have a lot in common. I mean, how many Polish Puerto Ricans do you know?
But while I share many of the ethnic identity struggles that Mariana faces in the Amor and Summer Secrets series, she and I are very different people with different personalities. She’s much more set-in-her-ways than I am, and she’s definitely more responsible than I was at her age (sorry mom and dad, if you’re reading this). And on a superficial level, let’s just say Mariana grew up in a slightly higher tax bracket. The Ruizes have quite a nice house.

Thanks to Diana for stopping by!  For more about Diana and her books, you can go to: