Today April Henry is stopping by the GCC to promote her new thriller TORCHED, which sounds spine-tingling and intensely romantic.  And will you look at the cover? H.O.T.  I’m practically in a state of spontaneous combustion just looking at it!  Whew.  *Wipes forehead*

So, before I ask the same questions I always ask about glamor and celebrity, let’s find out a little more about April, shall we?  Oh yes, I think so 🙂

torched-final-jktAbout the book

When Ellie’s parents are busted for growing marijuana, the FBI gives her a choice: infiltrate the Mother Earth Defenders (MED), a radical environmental group, or her parents will go to jail. At first Ellie is more than willing to entrap the MEDics, but the more time she spends undercover—particularly with Coyote, the green-eyed MEDic that she can’t stop thinking about—the more she starts to believe in their cause. When talk turns to murder, Coyote backs out, but Ellie is willing to risk everything to save her family—even if it means losing Coyote and putting her own life on the line.

april_henry_rgbAbout the author

April Henry knows how to kill you in a two-dozen different ways. She makes up for a peaceful childhood in an intact home by killing off fictional characters. April had one detour on her path to destruction:  when she was 12 she sent a short story about a six-foot tall frog who loved peanut butter to noted children’s author Roald Dahl.  He liked it so much he arranged to have it published in an international children’s magazine.

By the time she was in her 30s, April had come to terms with her childhood and started writing about hit men, drug dealers, and serial killers. She has published six mysteries and thrillers, with five more under contract.  Her books have gotten starred
reviews, been on Booksense (twice!), translated into four languages, short-listed for the Oregon Book Award, and chosen as a Quick Pick by the American Library Association.

April writes for both teens and adults. This month Face of Betrayal will be published. It’s the first in a new series for adult mystery series co-written with FOX legal anaylst Lis Wiehl.

What others are saying

Kirkus: “Romance and big explosions … the thrills and action will keep readers interested as she navigates her way between terrorists and self-centered Feds.”

Booklist: “The contemporary mix of politics and thrilling action will grab teens, not just environmentalists, as Ellie must decide how to save her parents and save the earth. Romance adds to the conflict as she falls in love with gorgeous MED member Coyote, who is both an activist and an ardent pacifist. Both the MEDs and the FBI have good guys and bad guys, and this suspenseful story will spark discussion about what it means to fight for right “by any means necessary.”

School Library Journal
“Educators and environmentalists will appreciate the similarities between Ellie’s adventures and the exploits of Julia Butterfly Hill, as it will allow them to engage in a discussion about endangered species, corporate responsibility, and logging.”

Teens Read Too
5 stars
“Torched is an edge-of-your-seat thriller. The book starts with a prologue that puts readers in the thick of the action, and things don’t slow down from there.”

1. What, or who, do you consider to be glamorous and why?

Jennifer, answering this question led to the most fun discovery. My aunt Jeanne Arnold was a stage, screen and TV actress who worked with people like Katherine Hepburn and Robert Goulet. She was also a regular on The Guiding Light. She occasionally sent us big boxes of silk shirts and scarves when she changed her wardrobe. I still own a Christian Dior belt from the late sixties that she sent me.

I googled her while I was answering your question and came across this actor, Seamus Dever, who is on the new TV show Castle, and has been in many other TV shows and on stage. I managed to contact him, and it turns out that after she divorced my uncle, my aunt married his grandfather’s brother and then encouraged him to be an actor.  He has many fond memories of her and still has her old makeup kit.  And it also turns out he is cousins with the singer Feist. I’ve decided to claim them both as cousins to make it simpler.

So I now have some famous relatives, thanks to you! *That is the coolest answer I have ever gotten to that question–hands down!*

2. If you weren’t a writer, what other career would you like to attempt?

I think I would be a pretty good doctor, but I wouldn’t want to start over from scratch, ie, going to medical school.

3. What is the one article of clothing in your closet that you can’t bear to part with?

I have a pair of lovely Lisa Nading shoes with Louis heels that I will never, ever part with.

4. Who is your fav celebrity?

Right now, Jon Stewart.

5. If you could put together a “dream cast” of the big screen version of your book, who would play the leads?
AnnaSophia Robb as Ellie/Sky, and Josh Hutcherson as Coyote

6. Britney: Comeback or train wreck?

I was never a fan, so I am going to say train wreck.

7. What is your fav glam or exotic location to visit? (Mine’s Paris!)

We spent a blissful few days in the Cinque Terra in Italy, and I dream of going back there.

8. Which character in your work do you most relate to and why?

Sometimes I most relate to the villains. It would be tempting to unleash everything and just be bad!

Thanks so much for stopping by, April!  For more about TORCHED, visit or check out her blog at

And DO check out the trailer for TORCHED!  It’s awesome!