So today I went to Fresno to make an appearance on an NBC station there to promote the release of Simply Irresistible!  I’d never been on TV before, so not only was I nervous, but I was so keyed up the night before that I got about 2 hrs sleep, max.  So, when the alarm went off this morning at 4:45 AM, I wanted to die–literally–but I was also so excited and amped to be talking about my book on TV that I did my best to muster up the energy to crawl to the bathroom and get ready.

Everyone, including my two publicists, said not to wear white, as it is too bright on TV, but did I listen?  Sort of–I ended up wearing a sort of champagne colored blouse, but it was definitely on the lighter side of champagne . . . I also freaked out the day before and had my friend Antonio, who is the greatest hair stylist in the world, cut my hair into the exact style Leslie Bibb wears in the film Confessions of a Shopaholic.  It was a pretty ballsy move to cut my long hair off right before a TV interview, but thankfully it turned out great, and I love it!19041317

DSC02905I drove up to Fresno with my friend John, who is the greatest possible person to have with you at 5 AM when you’re sleep deprived, nervous, and cranky. We were laughing so hard telling stories on the drive up, that by the time we made it to the studio, I was in a great mood.  Of course, we HAD to resort to many silly poses behind the news anchor’s desk, and no trip to a TV station is complete without a few minutes spent playing weatherman. If you don’t have a secret fantasy of doing this in an empty newsroom, I don’t want to know you 🙂

DSC02909So, without further ado, here’s my interview!  I sound kind of like a dork, and I need to sit on my hands so I won’t keep gesturing with them so much, but all in all I think it turned out well!

Jennifer Banash Interview on NBC Fresno