I’m up in Malibu, working here for two weeks on my new book, SILENT ALARM, and I gotta tell you–working on a book about mass murder while staring out the window at unobstructed water views in the heat of summer is TOUGH! Poor me, right? I guess if I have to do a mind-boggling amount of work in fourteen short days, this is the place to do it!

Now, normally, I do not posess the funds to make this kind of beach retreat possible–especially not in Malibu, where the houses can run tens of millions of dollars, and where June and July are the high season–with inflated price tags to match. BUT, a former student’s family generously offered the use of their house while they are away, and I jumped on it!  Looking at the pictures, I think you can see why 🙂

I’m working better here than I have in years–maybe in my life, really. I’ve just hit a hundred pages, and I’ve only been here 7 days so far. Maybe it’s the quiet, how isolated I am, but, let’s be honest–quiet places tend to scare the bejesus out of me. This is probably because I grew up in New York, where the concept of quiet does not exist . . .

Still, it’s strange to be working on a book about a school shooting when surrounded by all this beauty. However, I did hear a long, plaintive howl last night, eerily close to the house . . .


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