is Sarah!  Sarah was the first person to post, and the video she chose is one of my personal favorites, “Take on Me” by A-Ha!  But I’ll let Sarah tell you in her own words just why I’m posting it for today’s Flashback Friday:

“I think my favorite video from the 80s is “Take On Me” by A-Ha. I just remember, every time I saw the video, wishing that someone would pull me into a magical comic book world. Plus I love his coat and when he’s throwing himself against the walls at the end, it’s just so amusing. Also, have you noticed how creepy the guy in the white jacket’s smile is? This video is definitely entertainment at it’s finest, and really, how can you go wrong with so much keyboard? Haha :0)”

Just for the record, I STILL am hoping that every time I open the pages of a comic, or even just a book, that the characters will reach out and pull me in! But, metaphorically speaking, isn’t that what good books do to us anyway?  Pull us in so that we can’t think of anything else but finishing whatever mundane chores we’re obligated to perform just so we can get back into that world . . .

Also? The guy in the video is super hot, no?

So congrats, Sarah! Message me with your address and I will send a very hard to get ARC of WHITE LINES out to you!  And remember–I will be giving a copy away EVERY Friday. All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me what 80’s video I should feature next week, and you’re in!  So get commenting!