is Hilda! Hilda picked Madonna’s classic track “Like a Virgin,” and since Madonna is one of my all time favorite artists (especially the early years), I had to pick it! Also?  THERE”S  A LION IN THE VIDEO!!!!!  So here it is for your viewing pleasure.  And, just because it’s my favorite Madonna video of all time, I’m also including “Borderline.” What I love about Madonna’s videos in the 80’s is that she really understood that the medium was a platform to tell stories–you can see this working really clearly in the “Borderline” video. In fact, I’d argue that no artist understood the format as well as Madonna–with the possible exception of Michael Jackson.

Congratulations, Hilda!  You’ve won a hard to get ARC of WHITE LINES! Remember though, I’ll be giving a copy away every Friday–all you have to do is post an 80’s video in the comments section of this post to win!