Nobody’s posted this video yet, so I’m going to since it’s so classic! I love Nenah Cherry, and this song is so iconically 80’s that I barely know what to do with myself whenever it comes on the radio. Check out the cheesy graphics! The neon! The hoop earrings! The turntable and scratching! The gold dollar sign necklace!  OMG.  And, yes, it really was the beginning of Hip-Hop as we know it. There were not many female MC’s in the mid-80’s, and Nenah Cherry was one of the best. Even though my novel takes pllace at the end of the 80’s, I listened to this song so incessantly while writing WHITE LINES that I probably should’ve thanked Nenah Cherry in the acknowledgments, lol.

“No money man can win my love . . . It’s sweetness that I’m thinking of . . .”