I’m baaaaaaack!  Did you miss me?  Sorry about the late posting of the winner, but me and the bf took a much-needed trip to Lake Arrowhead this past weekend, and I’ve only just gotten back in the swing of things. Needless to say, the lake was perfect. We rented a cabin in the woods, made lots of long, beautiful dinners, and went blackberry picking (guess who’s in the kitchen right now making peach-blackberry pie? Hint: it’s not me)

Did I mention that the cabin had no Internet? Yep. I really didn’t think I’d make it through the four days we spent up there, but survive I did! But I digress . . . There could really only be one winner this time around. A girl who posted so many great 80’s videos it made my head spin! A girl who commented on posts with equal parts intelligence, wit, and humor . . . Jenna (I think her name’s Jenna–she never posted it!)–at MTG reviews! You won, girl!  So send me your address! What really pushed her entries over the edge was the inclusion of two of my favorite Duran Duran videos of all time “The Reflex” and “Rio.” And if you don’t know who Duran Duran are, go immediately to YouTube! That’s an order!  🙂

And remember, if you didn’t win this week, it’s not over! You have a chance EVERY WEEK before the release of WHITE LINES to win an ARC! Just post your favorite 80’s video on the comments section of this post!