Oh, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

It’s been, like, forever, hasn’t it? Well, at least it felt that way to me. I know that I haven’t exactly been keeping up with this blog, and that Flashback Fridays went out the proverbial window for almost 6 weeks (gulp), but I have a really good reason!

I’m having a baby!  And it’s a girl!  WOOT!  Due March, 18th!  I bet you guys thought I was going to say that I’d finally finished SILENT ALARM, my new novel, but no such luck on that front, still pecking away . . . Hoping to be finished in the next 6 weeks or so, but I’ve been a little distracted with first, what may have been the worst case of morning sickness of all time (I kid you not–I lived on ice pops and crackers for 3.5 months), and now with general exhaustion and baby-tiredness.

I know I’ve flaked on Flashback Fridays for a while now, and I want to make it up to you!  This MONDAY, October 15th, I will give away TWO copies of WHITE LINES to the commenters who come up with the best baby girl names for my unborn sprout!  Just leave your comment on this thread!  Enter as many times as you like, and I WILL ship internationally too!  WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE??????? Two people will win hard-to-get ARCS of WHITE LINES–will one of them be you?