"Wow, Momma!  You mean it's in stores TODAY?  That's crazy!"

“Wow, Momma! You mean it’s in stores TODAY? That’s crazy!”

Well, it felt like this day would never arrive since it’s been over three years since I finished the first draft of WHITE LINES, but it has finally arrived!  WHITE LINES hits shelves today, and I couldn’t be prouder or more excited. Anyone who has read my previous novels knows that WL is a real departure for me, in more ways than one, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to tell the kinds of stories I had in mind all along. As you can see from the above pic, even Story is beyond excited!  And she can’t even read yet!

In honor of the book’s release today into the wide, scary world, I’m giving away two MORE signed hardcovers of WHITE LINES because THAT’S JUST HOW I ROLL!  The first two readers who snap a pic of the book on a bookstore shelf win! Please post your pics after the post. And if there are more than two posts, maybe I’ll just unload some of those remaining ARCS that are cluttering up my bookshelf, taking up valuable book buying space. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT CRAZINESS I MIGHT GET UP TO!  Sure, you have to actually LEAVE YOUR HOUSE and go to the bookstore nearest you to win these copies, but really, is going to a bookstore and looking at all of the lovely books there such a hardship? I THINK NOT 🙂

BLOGGERS:  I would love to do interviews, guest posts, giveaways–you name it. Please contact me if you’re interested in featuring the book on your site!  I have a three-week-old baby now, so I don’t have time to reach out as much as I’d like, but TRUST ME, I WANT to be featured on your site–there’s nothing I’d love MORE, as a matter of fact. So email me at jbanash@bwscampus.com if you’re down to have a sleep deprived lady covered in spit up featured on your blog. Sounds enticing, no? 🙂